Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Must be high profit items

A friend received this phone call four times in the past week, at various times of the day and night:

This is CVS pharmacy.  Allergy season is rapidly approaching. It is important to be prepared for the season to prevent the onset of symptoms.  Please contact your local CVS pharmacist for the many ways we can help.  For guidance on the upcoming allergy season, please call the CVS pharmacy at . . .

Note that this is not a matter of patient adherence with prescriptions.  This is just out-and-out marketing based on a customer's previous purchases.

By the way, the friend didn't need to be reminded.  Fall allergy season is not approaching.  It has landed.


Anonymous said...

Robocalls should be outlawed. We want more jobs, don't we?


Anonymous said...

Very good point, nl.


Anonymous said...

Received the same message myself several times - DELETE!