Saturday, August 13, 2011

Never blue at Indian Head Farm

Summer is not summer without several visits to Indian Head Farm, in Berlin, MA.  The Wheelers have managed to keep this place open for decades, and the produce is always above average.

We are now into the sixth week of blueberries, and a friend and I were still able to pick two or three quarts in about 20 minutes.  That does not include the ones we ate along the way.  (I always think they should weigh the pickers pre- and post-gathering, in addition to the berries!)

Besides standard fruits, vegetables, and cutting flowers, the Wheelers also grow husk tomatoes, which are described by Culinate as follows:

Husk tomatoes are neither cherries nor gooseberries. Their papery, Chinese-lantern-like husks offer the best clue as to their pedigree. Like tomatillos, husk tomatoes belong to the genus Physalis, which is a member of the Solanaceae family, better known for producing peppers, eggplants, potatoes, and tomatoes.

About the size of a blueberry, a ground cherry tastes similar to a super-sweet cherry tomato, with a hint of — strawberry? Mango? What is that mysterious flavor? You just might keep eating them to find out. Author and naturalist Euell Gibbons declared this elusive essence “so good it doesn’t have to resemble something else.”


About JAMie Rauscher said...

Thanks for the info. on husk tomatoes. We had them for dinner last night at Stir in Boston and they were amazing. Now I know where to get them too!

Jamie Rauscher

Laura said...

Aaaa. The mystery of the nightshade. Glad you are enjoying the harvest!!