Monday, December 19, 2011

It moved into my path!

For those who think texting while driving is dangerous, let's consider how many people hit regular mailboxes while driving!  The USPS is clearly a public safety hazard.


e-Patient Dave said...

I have to say, I completely don't get this one. How many do hit mailboxes? What did I miss?

And, on the subject of texting - in the past few months I've been AMAZED (even on top of past amazements) at what I've seen. It's one thing if someone glances away - that has enough risks - but I've followed cars drifting over the white line for at least ten seconds, with the driver's head showing no indication at all of even glancing up.

I watched one girl drive right through an intersection in front of me, holding the phone against the steering wheel and texting with both hands. I honked; not surprisingly, she didn't notice.

But I still don't get the mailbox thing.

Paul Levy said...

It's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Totally stolen from Paula Poundstone on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR on Saturday.

e-Patient Dave said...

Oh. :-)

Can you tell I went to an engineering school?

Paul Levy said...

Anon 11:48,

I didn't know, honest!

e-Patient Dave said...

Actually, I do remember a news item where "Susan Somebody, Miss Some-State 1994, was uninjured when the car she was operating collided with a fire hydrant."

Collided with?? And, the car did it, and she was an attachment?

Well, I guess in physics class it qualifies as a collision, but really - don't we just call it "...when she ran into"?

Craig Sandler said...

The sad, sad thing here is that it must have been moving at the speed of a snail, right?