Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wellness Challenge at the Gaylord Palms

#IHI You may recall my post below about staff recruitment, orientation, and engagement programs at the Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee, Florida.  Here's another I liked a lot, which could be easily replicated by any employer.  The goal is to promote employee health and wellness, but not in a heavy-handed way.  Consistent with the leadership philosophy of the Gaylord Palms, they made it fun.

The prize is $1,000.  You take your "bingo card" (above) and have each box in the bottom half certified when you carry out the measure, e.g., physical exam, blood drive, flue shot, etc.  If you complete 10 of the 16 squares, you are entered to win in the drawing for the grand prize.  If you complete 12, you get two chances to win; 14, three; and 16, four.

I think this is a painless and enjoyable way to promote employee health.  I am also willing to bet that participation in the program reduces the company's health care bill by well more than the cost of this incentive program.

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