Thursday, December 15, 2011

The wordle from the Hub academic medical centers

And the final one in our series of wordles, this one based on the mission statements of the Boston academic medical centers (BIDMC, Brigham and Women's Hospital, MGH, Tufts Medical Center, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Boston Medical Center, Children's Hospital, Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Joslin Diabetes Center.)


dkberry2 said...

Nice. Not sure if worth three separate posts. But it looks pretty and might sell a couple of thousand posters in BOS.

What's funny though is that the compact organization of mission statements has no apparent relationship to the cross purposes resulting in mission failures across the market.

Also ... the design does not appear to reflect the outline of the octopus shaped HCOs that require us to call them campuses.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting worried. Did all the smart entrepreneurs get full time jobs, did they abandon the suffocation of making a difference when no one really wanted one? Has healthcare murdered their art department?

I don't think that I can call this healthcare anymore. How about pet names? Snuggies, for servies that make people feel good. Kleen-and-mean for infection control. Fallen soldiers for end of care processes. What's wrong that we can't see from outside this box?

Now that the dead end has been confirmed, CAN WE MOVE ON?

My kingdom for an iconoclast.