Monday, December 12, 2011

Lean thinking webinar from MIT

This looks like a really good webinar today.  Here's the link to register.


Anonymous said...

MIT often publishes video recordings of talks like these. If this one is going to be recorded, it would be nice to add information about where it will be published to this entry. The MIT announcement hints at publishing, but does not give any more information.

They may provide that during the event.

Lois Slavin said...


Thank you for your interest in this webinar. Here is a link to a recording of Dr. Billi's presentation and to his slides:

A complete list of 2011 recordings from the MIT System Design and Management Programs' Systems Thinking Webinar Series is available at . All listings, except for the initial webinar, link to recordings and slides.

You might find the following of specific interest:
Systems Thinking and the Development of a Large-Scale, Secure Network for Comparative Effectiveness Healthcare Research
by David Hartzband, D.Sc., Lecturer, MIT Engineering Systems Division

Using Quality by Design (QbD) and Systems Thinking in the Development, Commercialization and Life Cycle Management of Medicines and Vaccines
by Anando A. Chowdhury, SDM 09, Director, Organizational Strategy, Management & Operations, Global Science, Technology & Commercialization, Merck/MSD

Optimizing the Supply Chain of Medical Devices: A Shared SaaS Platform for Suppliers and Providers (A two-part series)
by Jean–Claude Saghbini, SDM '03, CTO, WaveMark Inc.

I will post information on other healthcare-related videos from the MIT SDM program in the near future.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Kind regards,
Lois Slavin
Communications Director
MIT System Design and Management Program

Lois Slavin said...

I just checked the comment I posted and noticed that the url I'd embedded didn't come through. It's