Wednesday, December 21, 2011

That white stuff is not baby powder

People in the UK who use public baby-changing units might want to use those baby wipes on the changing surface, as well as on the baby.  This story in The Telegraph reports:

More than nine in 10 baby-changing units in the North West have tested positive for traces of cocaine. The tests, carried out by using specialist wipes, found that 92 per cent of the 100-plus units examined carried traces of the class A substance. They included facilities based in public toilets in shopping centres, hospitals, police stations, courts and churches.

Police stations? Courts? Churches?

I know that talcum powder is not longer recommended for babies, but isn't this going a bit too far?


@HSJeditor said...

From Twitter:

Having to cut back on NHS supplied pain relief - so patients self-medicating.

Unknown said...

Sounds like they have a problem right under their nose.

Paul Levy said...

Oh, Peter, that is SO bad!