Monday, December 05, 2011

North Shore-LIJ invests in continued excellence

Another notable moment at the #IHI Exhibition Hall was an encounter with two of the quality and safety mavens from the North Shore-LIJ Health System.  Karen Nelson, RN, is Vice President for Clinical Excellence and Quality, and Dr. Jeremy Boal is Chief Medical Officer.

Regular readers of this blog may remember my post from August in which I praised the leadership of CEO Michael J. Dowling and congratulated him for receiving the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) 2011 Gail L. Warden Leadership Excellence Award for bringing innovation and accountability to health care and contributing significant and lasting improvements to the field.  Well, a leader like that attracts talent like Karen and Jeremy, who make real differences in the lives of patients, family, and staff.

The group has also created the "Center for Learning and Innovation," the largest corporate university in the health care industry.  The mission of this organization is to "promote a culture dedicated to excellence, innovation, teamwork, and continuous change."  The agenda: "Through continuous learning opportunities, employees are assisted in the development of knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to support the North Shore-LIJ Health System's strategic and business goals."

As Mr. Dowling notes:  "To advance an organization's strategic and business goals, its leadership must foster growth and continuous learning among it employees."

I have no doubt that they are well on their way and will set an example that will be noticed far and wide.

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