Thursday, October 04, 2012

Crowdsourcing advice

For those audiobook lovers out there:  At popular request, I am preparing an audio version of my book, Goal Play!  Leadership lessons from the soccer field.  My question is this:  On what platform(s) do you think it is best to offer the audiobook?  Is it  If you give them an exclusive, the audiobook is available on,, and  What other options are attractive to you?

Please offer your comments below.  Many thanks!


David Meerman Scott said...

Paul, You should record it yourself. People love having the author read. I know a good studio in Arlington who I work with to record my books.

I think you have two options. Go with Audible if you are looking to sell a few. Release it as a free download on this blog if you want to build your business.

Larisa said...

I use iTunes. I agree with David that having the book read by the author establishes a connection between the "reader" and the author/book content. It adds to the authenticity of the experience, especially as you are missing the visual element.

drbob said...

I agree with David. Forget about the middlemen and DRM and publish it yourself.

Cory Doctorow has a great model to follow:

drbob said...

Another person who made a ton of money cutting out the middlemen: CKLewis