Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Uneven Strings

There is a lot of talent out there among young artists, and I wish we could support them all.  Here's a Kickstarter project for which I'd like to ask your help.  (No, it is not for a relative of mine!)  Three friends who recently graduated college have created a short film, and they need some financial help to get it through post-production.  This would allow them to complete the film this fall and enter it into film festivals in the US, Canada, and France.

But don't listen to me.  Listen to the mother of the producer, Joseph Serra:

At Boyden Elementary School, Joseph was involved in a Shakespearean play (Julius Caesar) at age 10.  From there, it was Bird Middle School and his participation as part of the Technical Crew.   Joseph truly loved to see the finished product, not just the performance on the stage with the actors, but the cohesion of the behind-the-scenes work, and how important that aspect of a production could really be the key to a successful show.  He continued his theatrical interest at Xaverian Brothers High School with videoing, editing, sound engineering or whatever needed to be done for 16 performances -- the many, long hours of "takes, retakes, rehearsing" and finally "the performance."  His college years as a Communications/Film Studies major at Suffolk University solidified his favorite past-time of movie-making.  After many short films, and one receiving Honorable Mention, he could not wait to put his dreams to the true test--a professionally written, directed and produced short film.....UNEVEN STRINGS....

Come on.  How can you turn down his mother? Please throw some coinage their way on Kickstarter.


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