Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanks to volunteer gardeners!

I've always been impressed with the devotion of volunteer gardeners, people who already work full time on their own plots but who also donate hours to taking care of public spaces.  We have such a group in our town who maintain the All-America Selection Display Garden in our town center.  (This is one of only four such gardens in Massachusetts.)

I saw them out again today, tidying things up for the fall and winter.  Let's thank them and their cohorts around the country who help beautify our community!


A said...

we do--sort of. The tidiers can take home bulbs that have bloomed once to plant in their own gardens.

Anonymous said...

When I recently toured some of the historical mansions in the Hudson Valley, it turned out many of those gardens had been entirely restored by volunteers, since funding was otherwise lacking for them. They did a magnificent job.