Monday, October 22, 2012

iPhone knocks out need for ISDN

I just encountered a new use for the iPhone.  A radio reporter wanted to do an interview with me but didn't want to use the regular phone line because the fidelity is not very good.  Instead, he asked questions on my landline.  I then answered using the voice memo function on the iPhone.  Every 5 minutes, I would send an email of my (m4a format) answers to him for editing later at the radio station.  Apparently the quality is equivalent to being in the studio!

Think of it.  The iPhone has now disintermediated the use of ISDN phone lines.

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e-Patient Dave said...

I do occasional interviews, and I don't know much about audio technology so this is an honest question: what's the quality difference between this and recording answers into my computer with a headset?

Did you use a headset or just hold the phone to your ear?