Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Evacuation practice can help

A friend on Facebook posted this picture of her niece, a resident in Pediatrics at NYU hospital. A few months ago the niece had lightheartedly posted the picture with the caption "In case of emergency, stuff a baby in each pocket and run like hell!"

And, guess what they had to do at NYU hospital this week? For real. They had to evacuate 20 babies from their NICU. (Here's one report, with this picture excerpted from the ABC News video.)

This reminded me of a post I put up two years ago showing an evacuation drill of our neonatal intensive care unit, which included this video.  It has since become one of my most-viewed blog posts, and I include it again.  You can never do too much emergency planning.  (If you cannot see the video, click here.)


Bea, OT said...

My baby lived in NICU for the first 2 weeks of his life. It's good to know that hospitals prepare for even the smallest patients.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely epic. So much credit must be given to relentless preparation and drills. Thanks for the NICU video and reminder!