Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Fenway and Longwood -- 1838 and 2012

Fenway area -- 1838
Almost six years ago, I wrote a blog post about changes in the Longwood area.  Then a few months ago, a 20-year EMT with Boston EMS got in touch with me about some work he has been doing to document changes in the area, and indeed throughout Boston.  Ed McCarthy notes: "I am an amateur Boston historian. I am using historical references to draw VERY accurate historical maps of Boston, neighborhood by neighborhood, in different time periods."

Ed has now produced beautiful images of the Fenway area, which includes the Longwood Avenue section, portions of which I have copied here.  (I tried to include the entire jpg, but it was too big for Blogspot--almost 20 megabytes!)  As that density of data suggests, his originals are strikingly beautiful, annotated with incredible detail, and can be purchased from him for $100 per print.

These are special images and great for your own walls or those of friends and colleagues. You can contact ed at emssbasn [at] comcast [dot] net.  If you would like his phone number, submit a comment to me with your email, and I will send it.  (I don't like to publish telephone numbers on the blog.)
Fenway area - 2012

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