Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Facebook followup

As mentioned below, Johnny Diaz at the Boston Globe was working on a story about Facebook in the workplace, and his story is in today's paper. As he noted, for those wanting to avoid total disclosure about personal details, "Last month, the company introduced new privacy options. Users can now distinguish who can view their personal details by classifying people into specific groups such as friends, co-workers, classmates, or relatives, each category granting a different level of access. In other words, Facebook members can allow their close friends to see their vacation snapshots but restrict co-workers or relatives from the same access."

Meanwhile, though, many people sometimes get tried of all the applications and invitations they get from their friends, just wanting to use Facebook for basic communication. A friend of mine posted the following humorous and poetic note on her site to send a message on this topic to her friends:

dear every one, i appreciate the thoughts, however, I am not interested in being super poked super sideways double reach around video wall posted, live music player hosted, double dutch instant messenger facebook chatted, quadruple application mounted vip amazing friends list added. I hate to love facebook just like the next guy, but i'm not succumbing to this level of application installation carpal tunnel wrist numbing add me please action, you hold me too long online it's off i'm trying to sign, so cut the crap, this macbook is burning my lap.

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