Tuesday, April 08, 2008

An opening day dawns

Above, Fenway Park at dawn this morning, courtesy of Red Sox staff.

And a new feature on Redsox.com, as announced today by BIDMC:

From hamstring pulls to back spasms – if a Red Sox player has an injury or illness, experts at BIDMC will be talking about it this season on Redsox.com.

As part of its relationship as the “Official Hospital of the Boston Red Sox and Red Sox Nation,” BIDMC is publishing a special column on the Red Sox Web site addressing some of the health concerns that commonly impact athletes. While we can't speak specifically about individual player injuries, specialists at BIDMC will give an overview of the general problem and talk about basic prevention and treatment. In an article on the back troubles of Josh Beckett and J.D. Drew, for example, Drs. Kevin McGuire and Michael Groff of the Spine Center give tips about how to prevent back pain – not just for sports enthusiasts, but for anyone.

The column is written by long-time Boston sports reporter/broadcaster Gary Gills. It will be updated at least once a week throughout the season.

To find the column, go to www.redsox.com and click on "Roster" and then on "BID Injury Report." Readers can also submit their own Red Sox-related health questions through the site.


Dr. A said...

I like the pic. Will have to check out "the injury report."

e-Patient Dave said...

Sure would have been fun to witness Manny's "world's chintziest inside-the-park home run." :) That thing was so cheap it should be marketed at Building 19!

(There, that oughta confuse the non-Bostonians.)

Anonymous said...

The opener was awesome!
You had awesome seats,
The hawk was there too
although since A-rod was not there, no harm!
The injury report will be great!
Will love reading it!

Unknown said...

Go Yankees!!!

e-Patient Dave said...

> Go Yankees

Gad, this blawg DOES publish all comments. Yeesh.