Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday's newspapers are today's . . .

. . . fish wrapping. So, what is yesterday's newspaper sidewalk box? Large litter in the MBTA right-of-way near the Longwood Avenue bridge.

Dan Kennedy wrote of the demise of BostonNOW last week. As he notes, this "free commuter rag" never lived up to its billing, "a state-of-the-art meld of print and Web, with readers setting up blogs that would be excerpted in the paper." Too bad.

Too bad, too, that they couldn't at least have picked up their trash before they folded.


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,

On the issue of garbage, has anyone at BIDMC given thought to decreasing use of styrofoam & plastic in the cafeteria? I was last in the East Campus one about 10 days ago and everything is disposable, including, it seems, the trays. Given the toxic effect of plastic on the environment could the burden be reduced by switching to washable trays and paper cups (they degrade) and offering a discount to anyone who shows up with their own ceramic plate and bowl?

Terry Maratos-Flier

Anonymous said...

We are exploring additional ways to make our cafeterias more environmentally conscious. We do have washable trays (we have both those and disposable ones for folks who are taking their meal outside of the cafeteria).

We’re looking at options for different cups, etc. I think it’s worth also considering programs that would encourage folks to bring their own coffee mugs to re-fill, etc. and we’ll consider those.