Monday, April 28, 2008

Say "Hi!"

Please say hello to some of our new staff members, seen here at this morning's new employee orientation. I like to be the first to welcome the new people, to tell them about the history of our two antecedent institutions and the enduring values that drive our hospital. As I have noted earlier on this blog:

The description of the Deaconess -- "where science and kindliness unite in combating disease" -- was also the watchword for Beth Israel. Fortunately, the combined institution that resulted from the merger ten years ago maintains that set of values. BIDMC stands as a place where patients know they will be treated with warmth, friendliness, respect, and dignity. We do our best to treat each person as we would want a member of our own family to be treated. This is not just a saying: It is part of the culture of the place, and we deliver on that promise every day and night in the great majority of cases. We aim to continue to show our patients that level of caring and respect.

We warmly welcome our new staff every Monday morning and try to pass along this sense of purpose and mission, not only during the orientation, but during the weeks and months that follow.

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