Saturday, April 26, 2008

Great Horned Owl Nest

As part of today's walk in Natick at the Broadmoor Sanctuary, we had view of a great horned owl, with two chicks, nesting in a great blue heron's nest. We ran into Oktay Kaya, an accomplished wildlife photographer, who had set up his rig to get some shots of these lovely birds. Here's Oktay and a link to his website. Look closely and you can see the owl and a chick in his viewfinder.


Emily DeVoto, Ph.D., said...

Wow! I have heard great horned owls on several occasions, but never seen one (my ears are better than my eyes). Didn't know you were a birder, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Only when a pretty one happens to be in my line of sight. I can never remember their names -- especially the ones on the beach, e.g., semipalmated plover versus, what, a fully palmated plover or a unpalmated plover?! (How does a bird have palms, anyway?)

Joseph said...

Your photo of Oktay Kaya has inspired me. A neighbor often has owls in the trees in his yard here in Falmouth, Mass., and I've told him to call me so I can go over there quickly with my camera. I read your blog whenever I can, Paul, and find it fascinating.
Joe Burns
Falmouth, Mass.