Thursday, December 18, 2008

Caller-outer award of the month

A key part of BIDMC SPIRIT is the idea that everybody in the organization is encouraged to call out problems they see in the workplace, problems of safety, efficiency, or anything else.

A few weeks ago, when holding their retreat, our Board decided to create new monthly award. Instead of honoring someone who had solved a problem, they would honor someone who had called out a problem. The idea was to provide further encouragement through the organization to those who notice and mention problems.

The first award has now been presented, to Gloria Martinez (in picture), who called out the problem with the delivery of specimens from the GI department to the pathology laboratory. This led to a complete revision of that delivery process, which later spread to other areas as well, as noted below.

Gloria received a congratulatory letter, plus two super tickets to a Red Sox game of her choice next spring.


Anonymous said...

This is a great one, of course, for truly encouraging the front line care providers to step up and get involved. I am curious whether it was a lay Board member who had this idea.


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Thought so.