Friday, December 12, 2008

Changing lives, one at a time

The Chayet Scholarship Trust at BIDMC was set up by Donald Chayet in October 1983 in memory of his parents, for the purpose of providing assistance to any "employee who wishes to advance their skills in any way that will improve care at the Medical Center or advance medical knowledge." This is the Chayet Scholarship’s 25th year in existence. It has grown in size, and it has enabled hundreds of people to help attend school to enhance their personal and professional lives.

One the two dozen or so recipients today was Marie G. Bruno (shown here with Eleanor Chayet), who came to the US 20 years ago from Haiti. Here is an excerpt of some of her remarks:

I have been working as a Research Associate at the Genomic Core Center since October 2000. I've been able to grow and obtain a key role in helping by providing gene expression analysis to scientists and doctors for research, diagnoses, and treatments. My work has contributed to several scientific publications in major journals. I'm a single mother who is juggling work and school in order to maintain stable living conditions for my family. I am very honored to be the recipient of the 2008 Chayet Scholarship. Thank you very much to the Donald Chayet family for their generous support. I am exceptionally grateful. The scholarship will allow me to continue to pursue my career plan, which is obtaining a Bachelor of Science nursing degree. In June of 2009, I will be receiving a Biological Science degree at Roxbury Community College. Upon completion of my Associate at RCC, I will proceed for my BSN degree at U. Mass - Lowell. Because of the Chayet family's support, I will be able to start my undergraduate career as a junior.

I believe that U. Mass - Lowell will provide me with the best possible training to become a nurse. Upon my completion there, I will be working as a nurse that provides supportive care which will touch people's lives in unique ways, as the Chayet's family has touched my life at a time when I needed support. Wherever I go as a nurse, I will be very proud and honored to tell others about the Chayet family's wonderful support that had allowed me to reach my highest potential.

Achievement of this goal is very significant and is a critical step for me because it will enable me to be a more supportive parent to my daughter. Also, I will be the first person in my family ever to finish college.
Thanks to Bruce Wahl for the photo.

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Anonymous said...

Marie, I know everyone who knows you, and now all of the readers here, wish you many blessings for your hard work. May all of your hopes and dreams keep happening along the way.