Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thanks for keeping the fares down

The SEIU continues to help the regional economy by purchasing advertisements for its EYE on BI campaign. Here's a picture I took with my cell phone yesterday of one next to the trolley line at Coolidge Corner.

For those tuning in late, what SEIU is up to, as I have explained in earlier posts, is to conduct a corporate campaign to try degrade the hospital's reputation in the community, in the hope of getting concessions in the union certification process. Meanwhile, it puts pressure on Mr. Obama to file changes in the National Labor Relations Act to eliminate the private voting rights of secret ballot elections.

Well, if in buying these local ads at "T" stations, SEIU is helping to reduce the deficit of our transit system, I guess we should all be grateful!


Anonymous said...

Unions can already be formed without a secret ballot, if employers agree to recognize a union based on a majority of workers signing cards requesting a union. Unions can also be decertified through this same process. So there is no guarantee at present that workers will have their union status decided by secret ballot.

The ECFA still guarantees workers the right to have an election with a secret ballot, if 40 percent of the workers request it. So, if workers are being intimidated by union thugs into signing cards that don't reflect their real attitude, they still could petition to get a secret ballot.

Anonymous said...

I printed this comment even though I don't like the use of the word t"thug" to describe anybody -- mainly because the point you raise is important to address.

Simply put, how can you expect people to organize themselves to petition for a secret ballot? Who would lead such a move?