Friday, December 12, 2008

RWJF asks you to vote!

A note from David C. Colby, Vice-President, Research and Evaluation, at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:

Dear Paul,

One of my great pleasures as vice president of Research and Evaluation at RWJF has been to select a list of 10 influential research articles for our RWJF Year in Research. This year, we wanted to try something different. We are opening the selections to the world, although I’m still going to select my list.

The Foundation has nominated 25 articles from work that we funded that we believe had major policy impact, affected our work and thinking, or stood out in some other way. We are asking people to choose up to 10 of the articles. Voting ends December 23, and we will publish the final list in early January, along with my own list. As a health care thought leader, I would like to encourage you to vote and to spread the word among other leaders.

We opened the voting last Thursday, and are already approaching 1,000 voters across 46 states. We are hoping you’ll mention this initiative in your blog, and maybe even encourage people to vote.

By the way, you can now follow RWJF on Twitter!



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