Monday, December 08, 2008

Short enough to fit in a Twitter update

Some thoughts after reading this article about the value of social media in the health care field. The first is from Lisa Pollack, Denterlein Worldwide, Boston. The second is mine.

Regarding use of social media for marketing: "Trust is the goal, so that you will be a brand that people will yammer about in their social networks."

Regarding use of social media to deal with an organization's problems or perhaps a short-term crisis, as below: "Asynchronous communication in service of meeting a temporal need."

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e-Patient Dave said...

VERY interesting blog post you linked to. VERY.

> Asynchronous communication in service of
> a temporal need

I'm starting to think that increasingly this boils down to "Do you have any idea what's even going on out here?" Like, I just posted a comment mentioning the Motrin Moms debacle. Anyone reading this blog who doesn't already know that story is seriously out of touch, and should look it up. (No I'm not going to link you to it - get it in gear, or realize how you DON'T have any idea what's going on. That was a full three weeks ago and is already part of the social media history books.)

Once you pass muster on "knowing what's going on," you get to show whether or not have you have a clue of comprehension, or are just trying to put on a good face (which won't last long anymore).

Then you get to show whether you have anything credible to say. If you don't, you'll have mud on your face faster than you previously could have gotten out your typewriter to start thinking.

(And yes I said typewriter.)

I submit that indeed social media let you speak fast, with zero lag time between keystroke and broadcast delivery. If you have something honest and valuable to say, good things can happen. And Lisa's right - earn trust and people will listen (and yammer). Be a buffoon and people will tweet "Yeah. Right" all over you.