Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 6

A note from my ice-storm-victimized brother-in-law in Worcester:

Still feel like a refugee. Albeit a warm and almost dry one. Natl grid truck slept on our street last night. She reports primary wires to poles live and on ground. 4 neighbors w juice just lost their power. Replacement poles have to be hand carried more than 1000 ft thru woods up a very steep hill. Currently snowing and more freezing rain: 6-12 inches of white stuff due Friday. On the good side I now know the names of my neighbors 3 years after they moved in. Happy holidays.

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Unknown said...

Being from and still living in Louisiana, I know how he feels...not because of an ice storm though. While I know it's a hard situation, I would take ice storm over hurricane any day. Cold can be easier to overcome than heat, with proper clothing. Cleaner water is more easily obtained by melting water.

That being said, we had our biggest snow fall in 20 years here (I live 30 minutes north of New Orleans, technically a suburb). Six whole inches caused our power to go out, trees were down, and traffic accidents were rampant.

Where can you go to avoid extreme weather?

Wish the best for your brother-in-law and his family.