Thursday, December 04, 2008

Short story: Good news

While you can go to our website to follow our overall progress on eliminating central line infections in our ICUs, here's something more: Although we have frequently had months where there were no hospital-acquired central line-associated bloodstream infections in our ICUs, October was the first month ever in which we had no such infections in the ICUs or in any other unit.

I want to extend thanks and appreciation to those who do the work and deserve the credit: Lots of nurses everywhere, MDs, PEVAs, our IV team, radiology, and others who place and care for the lines.

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RalfLippold said...


That is truely what we can understand of "Respect for People" and I guess everywhere on the world, not bound to a specific branch people will appreciate that public plaudit.

Thanks for your activities and openess on what is going on in the Hospital, being so connected to your staff.