Saturday, December 06, 2008

Top Docs in Boston

A musician friend says that concert reviews don't mean anything, but it's still nice to get a good one.

Each year Boston Magazine has a story listing the city's top doctors. I hesitate to comment on the methodology they use -- especially in light of my advocacy of more objective metrics -- but I know they are absolutely correct when they list one of our doctors! I only regret they didn't survey me so I could have recommended the other 700+ who work in our hospital.

Here are the people at BIDMC who were designated this week:

Allergy and Inflammation: Javed Sheikh

CardioVascular Institute: Mark Josephson; Warren J. Manning; Roger Laham

Cancer: Michael Atkins; Glenn J. Bubley; Steven Come; Lowell Schnipper; Marc B. Garnick; Bruce Dezube; Jerome Groopman

Dermatology: Jeffrey Dover

Endocrinology/Diabetes: Martin Abrahamson; Richard Beaser; Alan Jacobson (primary affiliation is Joslin); Barbara Kahn

Gastroenterology: Adam Cheifetz

Gerontology: Lewis Lipsitz

Neurology: Louis Caplan; Daniel Tarsy

Neuroradiology: David Hackney

Ophthalmology: Peter A. D. Rubin

Orthopedics: Mark Gebhardt

Pathology: James Connolly; Stuart Schnitt

Pulmonology: Armin Ernst

Radiation Oncology: Irving Kaplan; Abram Recht

Rheumatology: George Tsokos

Sports Medicine: Lyle Micheli (primary affiliation is Children’s)

Colon and Rectal Surgery: Deborah A. Nagle

Cardiac Surgery: Frank Sellke

Plastic Surgery: Sumner Slavin

Thoracic Surgery: Malcolm DeCamp;

Urological Surgery: Abraham Morgentaler; Martin Sanda.


Anonymous said...

How the heck did they miss breast cancer surgeon Sue (Susan? Suzanne?) Troyan? It's a wonderful list, sure, but there you have someone with a local and national reputation.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your staff!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....1 primary care doctor, maybe...."Houston, we have a problem!"

Anonymous said...

The list of doctors in magazine are based on their survey. If you think it is not a realistic based then they must improve their marketing strategy.