Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to baseball

Boston is still pretty excited about this past weekend's sweep of the Yankees by the Red Sox, so I offer this post in commemoration.

Did I tell you how much fun our staff has providing first aid service at Fenway Park? Here's a picture of Michele Pruden, one of our new nurses, who finds that the placement of the red flower in her hair makes her fans/patients smile.

Also, a true story from Cyndi Casey, who covered the First Aid station this weekend. You might consider her a rabid fan:

And so I work the Sox Yanks Friday night game...very busy...lotsa business for ED at BIDMC--but I get a Yankee fan in the First Aid room with hypertension issues and etc....he had fallen in the men's room...needs to stay a while...ugh! I don't hold it against him for his loyalty to NY, but I dance around his stretcher and make him high five me when Jason Bay blasts his homer and I cheer to the old guy, "I LOVE MARIANO RIVERA." The guy cracked up. I love my job!!!!!!


Bernie said...

I find this posting sad. I understand the desire to support the home team, but let us not forget BIDMC is at these games in a professional capacity. This is a man with hypertension issues that fell. Taunting him and teasing his about Yankee loyalty is an unprofessional act. He is being treated for hypertension. She did not know him, how would he react. Would he get upset, angry. Would his blood pressure elevate. Would he have a stroke. What if something with wrong and he decides to sue for malpractice saying that he felt as if he did not get proper care. It was a hostile enviornment and Yankee fans were discriminated upon and given sub-par care. A lawyer would love to halve this post and email in his arsenal. BIDMC employees and you their leader need to remember BIDMC isd at those Red Sox games tp provide a professional service to Red Sox and Rival (yes even Yankees Fans) alike. Any behavior that does not portray that professionalism should be unacceptable. Go Red Sox!!! but, there is an appropriate time and place to party and celebrate and yes a Red Sox game seems like the right place but not at the expense of professionalism.

Anonymous said...


If you knew Cyndi, you wouldn't worry about any such things. Of course, she treated him professionally and in no way in a sub-par fashion; but she also has an infectious sense of humor that leaves her patients (Sox or Yankee fans -- or even Tampa Bay fans!) smiling and feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever wonder, how do health care providers/nurses manage to come back to work each day? Humor.
It is a well researched fact that
“If employees view their managers as humor-oriented, they also view them as more effective,” “Employees also reported higher job satisfaction when they worked for someone who was more humor-oriented and used humor effectively and appropriately.” Humor is an effective way to cope with on-the-job stress – again, when used appropriately.
Aging adults who used humor more frequently reported greater coping efficacy, which led to greater life satisfaction. This man with the positive outcome was fortunate to have such a happy nurse.
There should be more happy nurses .......Happy National Nurse's Week coming up! OH AND GO RED SOX!!!!!!!

Paul from Mind Parts said...

I have no problem with the humor. I've met some incredible nurses over the years. The funniest work in the saddest possible units.

This is just a general comment about the whole BIDMC being official Red Sox hospital. First, I love BIDMC. I just don't understand then why whenever a Red Sox player is hurt (cancer or needs a knee scope), they tend to go to MGH.

Anonymous said...

The sponsorship agreement with the Sox does not, and is not permitted under MLB policy, to require players to go to one hospital versus another.

Anonymous said...

Paul T: The Medical Director for the Sox/Patriots is an MGH orthopedist so there is tendency to refer the players in both sports over to MGH. Both hospitals are very strong in Orthopedics but it so happens that when the team physician is from one hospital many of the player referrals will follow. On the flip side, most of the fans that need medical attention are directed to BIDMC given the relationship that exists with BIDMC being the official hospital of the Sox.