Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thanks again, Emita

If you listen to segment 4 of Rachel Gotbaum's WBUR series, you will hear the story of how my mother took the time well in advance to make her own end of life wishes clear for us, her children. I wrote about this here a couple of years ago. As the fourth anniversary of her death approaches, I can think of no better tribute to her than the one provided by Rachel in her story. I like to believe that Emita would wish that her advice and example would prove helpful to you, your family, and your friends.


Marcia said...

Your mother, Emita, was a lovely, lively active woman with no reason to consider death as an end soon. Her accident, the fall, was sudden and devastating. How fortunate you all were that she thought about life and death directives, and gave needed decision-making authority to her family well in advance. The picture on your blog is just how she looked.
Her story provides the impetus to discuss these issues now.

Anonymous said...

The pain never really goes away, does it. I am still wearing my dad's wedding ring under my own, at 7 years out from his death. My condolences on the anniversary of your loss.


Anonymous said...

That same July…my mom had an aneurysm, went to the hospital, and like you we had to make a decision. I felt EXACTLY the way you did…that she gave us a gift….we knew that she would not want to be kept alive with bells and whistles and tubes, etc etc…and if she recovered at all….to be left in a very disabled state. She had been VERY clear…and adamant about this. She could be adamant about a lot of things…but this one was truly helpful!

Kathy said...

Your mother really did give you a big gift. I still regret that even though Dad had made his wishes clear, the hospital made it very difficult for my mother to honor them. The NPR series has been a good one...I hope that BIDMC has instituted good, accessible palliative care.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your post about Emita and especially for the picture. She was an inspiration and a dear friend.
With loving thoughts, Nancy Kirk