Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sloane Fellows Report

A few years ago, we created a program to provide advanced management training to upper- and mid-level managers who have the potential to be the next generation of senior leaders at our hospital. The Sloane Fellows are named after our last Board Chair, Carl Sloane, who has had a lifelong interest in providing mentoring and development to young folks.

The curriculum includes training of a variety of sorts both on and off campus, including presentation skills. The Fellows also engage in real-time management projects that can be helpful to the hospital. They must work in an areas outside of their usual scope of activities, so they are forced to stretch substantively and in terms of creating new personal relationships. At the conclusions, they deliver oral reports of their activities and summarize key lessons learned along the way.

I've been attending these sessions, and they have been terrific. Here are pictures of two from yesterday. Lynn Darrah, from Radiology, gave a presentation about optimizing use of the operating rooms. Pat Henderson, from Network Development, talked about trying to understand the rationale for the design and scope of M&M (mortality and morbidity) conferences across multiple departments.

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EB said...

Kudos for what seems to be a wise investment in BIDMC's future. Having worked in several hospital administration middle management from my mid twenties to early thirties, any such program tended to be very "fluffy", not well supported/attended by senior management or acknowledged. Probably explains why I moved on to a service provider for hospitals that was more nurturing towards career development.