Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Celebrating quality and safety at work

Three years ago, our Board Chair, Lois Silverman, and her late husband, Norman, established the Silverman Institute for Healthcare Quality and Safety. It was to serve as the focal point for research, teaching, and implementation of improvements in patient and staff quality and safety for our hospital.

A symposium is held each year, with a speaker of national renown in the field. Last year, it was Brent James, from Intermountain Health. This year, we were pleased to welcome MIT's Steven Spear.

The symposium is also accompanied by a poster session at which staff members report on achievements in the six dimensions of care defined by the Institute of Medicine: Safe, Effective, Timely, Efficient, Patient Centered, and Equitable. We received over 90 such submissions this year and held the poster session in the lobby of our clinical center. You can read about all of them here. The pictures here show some of the proud presenters.

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Unknown said...

Paul, this is great work! Given all the difficulties you and your team are navigating through financially, being able to keep your staff focused and committed to the quality and safety agenda is even more commendable! I'm curious as to the infrastructure it takes to put all of this together and coordinate this process?

On a separate note, I am preparing to have the same set of conversations with my staff about the effect of the economy on the finances at our organization. Having read and kept up with your blog, you have provided me with an "evidence based" management best practice to follow in dealing with our issues with transparency and respect. Will let you know how things go through my blog. Thank you!