Saturday, April 11, 2009

Retake that PK!

Our youth soccer leagues get started today on a blustery spring New England day, and a friend uses the occasion to send the following note to our cadre of adult referees:

I know some of the kids think we are "old farts" but this article from the BBC is interesting, especially on a "windy" day in Newton. Sunday League football in England is the equivalent of our Over The Hill Soccer League. Enjoy.


Jeff said...

It did say the team is looking for a new sponsor. I wonder if there is an equivalent of 'Cape Wind' over there?

Jane said...

Or perhaps they could get a baked-bean company to fund the team?

e-Patient Dave said...

And here I thought it was just another cute folksy Paul soccer story. Shoulda known better!

What a toot... I mean hoot.