Friday, April 10, 2009

Dropping by NECN

Did you ever wonder who is in charge of the business news you read in Boston? Well, here they are. While I was waiting to tape an interview on This Week in Business at New England Cable News, the first segment of the show was being taped. It is called the "Monthly Business Editors' Roundtable." From left to right, you have the hosts of the show -- Paul Guzzi, CEO of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and Mike Nikitas, an NECN anchor -- and then Frank Quaratiello (Business Editor of the Boston Herald); Shirley Leung (Business Editor of the Boston Globe); and George Donnelly (Editor of the Boston Business Journal).

The topic today was the future of the Boston Globe, and it is a discussion worth hearing. My segment was about the steps BIDMC has taken to avoid layoffs in the face of budget shortfalls. The show will be broadcast on Sunday at 12:30. It is also available after broadcast on and the Chamber's blog, too.

As I was leaving, I was nabbed by Latoyia Edwards, an NECN reporter and anchor, for a quick interview on our recent MRSA problem and DPH report. Here she is while a cut-away is being filmed.

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Erin Murphy said...

So great to have you on the program, Paul! Thanks for your time, honesty, and insight. Erin Murphy