Thursday, April 01, 2010

April flowers bring Sox showers

Christine from Case Management sent me this today:

Good Afternoon, Paul,

I have attached some photos of flowers around BIDMC that I’ve taken over the past day or two. I never travel without my camera, and as the recent foul weather has given way to some sunshine and warmer temperatures I have found myself struck by the beauty of the flowers and greenery that are beginning to emerge. Springtime is always good for the soul! I love the random pictures you sometime post on your blog, so if you feel like sharing any of these, please feel free.

One last thought, especially given that the REAL start of Spring (sacred to this lifelong Bostonian and devoted Red Sox fan) is only three days away at Fenway, I can’t help but share with you that when I was looking at the beautiful magnolias outside the Farr Building this morning, I found myself thinking of George Scott talking about hitting a tater for Magnolia, his mother (do you remember that?)…a kind of crazy random thought I realize, but one that made me smile and that really is always a good way to start any day!

Go Sox!


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From Facebook:

Deb: This is great. I actually saw Christine taking pictures this morning and was jealous she had her camera. Nice job. This is what spring is all and the RED SOX!!