Thursday, April 08, 2010

Catch this (fish)

I know I am playing into the hands of two commercial enterprises, one of which I patronize (with pleasure!) and one of which I know hardly at all. By repeating this, I am helping them go viral, but I think they deserve it because of the creativity they show. Here's the letter:

Hi Paul,

Our client, Legal Sea Foods Restaurants, wanted to spread the word that no one has fresher fish than they have.

We wanted to do something unexpected that makes the point and gets some buzz going.

As one of their restaurants is adjacent to the Boston Aquarium, we opportunistically placed a sign for the restaurant right next to the direction signage to the aquarium.

We made these signs and actually put them up.

Yes, a bit of a stunt, but strategically right on the money. That's the kind of work we like to do.


Kristen Czyzak
New York, NY


brenda said...

Good luck getting your kids to eat at one after visiting the other!

gih said...

So where should I prefer to go? hhmmm, if I went a wrong path and hungry, I will steal fish from that aquarium ;-)

Anonymous said...

So, you can get sushi in either place?

e-Patient Dave said...

As a marketing guy, I have to wonder, what do the Aquarium people think about this?? Did DeVito/Verdi check in with them first?

Unknown said...

If I could figure out how to link this to my Facebook page, I would. This is EXCEPTIONAL! Thanks for the moment of delight in what is a gray Mid-Atlantic day.