Sunday, April 18, 2010

My speech to the hospitalists

Several of my readers have asked me to post this link to the speech I gave a few days ago at the Society of Hospital Medicine. I listened to it and think it is ok. Please let me know what you think.


e-Patient Dave said...

Well THIS is convenient - I was just thinking of asking you for a summary of what you said! Thanks for being aligned with my needs.:)

(I'm going to use some of it in a talk I'm giving at the ICSI/IHI Colloquium next month. I think Wall Street calls this "leveraging"...)

Anonymous said...

I recommend this speech to demoralized M.D.'s.

nonlocal MD

Anonymous said...

No slides. Just web pages. Here they are:

And the one I told you about reducing falls that you could search for:

e-Patient Dave said...

And for the link-lazy:

These Things Happen (blog post, March 2007)

We Saved One Person's Life (blog post, February 2007)

Eliminating Preventable Harm at BIDMC (page on our website)

And the one I told you about reducing falls that you could search for:

Grace (blog post, Nov. 2009)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting reviewing those old posts.The most gratifying was reading e patient Dave's comment on one, just a month out from his diagnosis, and contrasting to where Dave is now - out, healthy and writing a book - thanks to BIDMC.

On another note, do you have any updates for us on 2 aspects:

a) has there been any progress in getting other Boston/Mass hospitals to publicly release such data as their HAI's?

b) is there any updated info on your progress on Lean projects with Atrius after the cessation of SPIRIT, as described in your 12/22 post? (this may be too long to answer in a comment)

thanks, nonlocal