Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keep 'em coming , Claire!

I'm always getting ideas from the staff. Sometimes these are in person, sometimes on Facebook. Here's one that came by email from a loyal Red Sox fan:


Sorry to bother you but I had a thought, why are our patient's sox blue and green ? They should be red, for the Red Sox. I think this would be a great idea. Imagine all of our patients with red sox on !!!!!!!

Thanks for your time.

Me to Joe, head of purchasing:

Cute question -- answer, Joe?

Paul, please see the answer provided by Jeff, one of our managers and the individual who handles this portfolio.

Hope that helps and please let us know if you need any additional information.

Thanks for your note,


We receive this suggestion every year. Although it would be a very trendy idea, we have sound reasons why we do not.

The most important reason why we do not is for slip and fall prevention of our patients. Our current double tread slipper socks are currently color coded to size: Medium Green, Large Blue, X-Large Beige and Bariatric Gray. With separate coloring, this quick visual helps nursing obtain the correct size they are looking for and that the patient is fitted correctly. A one-size-fits-all slipper in red or any other color does have a tendency to slip, bunch or turn and possibly increase the chance of a fall. If we were to have the same color (Red) in all the sizes, nursing would spend too much time looking for the correct size and improper sizing could occur.

This suggestion has been before the Product Standards Committee several times in the past and has been rejected.


Claire --

I found out the answer! Sorry...


Thanks for your help, I had my hopes up. I had visions of patients in red sox in my head!!! I have other ideas I would love to share with you. I'll be in touch. I really, really appreciate your attention. Thank you.



Unknown said...

As part of my company's leadership, I am reminded of the responsibility I have to take every question to heart,get the details straight, and close the circle with the person that asked the question. This is a simple thing that you demonstrate with a simple story.

Unknown said...

I agree with comment above. Yet it can't be as hard as Jeff says.

Obvious options: change ONE of the 3 socks to Red. Option 2: red sock with obvious identifier like blue, beige, green top. Pay 10 cents more per sock. Hell, spend 15 cents and actually get the darn insignia.

You have this enormously under-leveraged brand in your Red Sox relationship. The Jimmy Fund makes 90% of your potential customers think that DANA FARBER is the key sponsor. Not BI.

Tell Jeff you want some Red Sock options. Just try it. Pilot test basis. Claire (and others) are onto something. Ask nurses if it takes too much time. Meanwhile, measure how much customers like it.

From afar, seems like a classic moment where a PLAUSIBLE reason from a bureaucrat (and a desire not to offend him) blocks a great branding opportunity.

Anonymous said...

as former BIDMC nurse, my experience was that the very large majority of patients were fitted with LARGE sox (the others being too small) Therefore suggest large size be changed to red (with or without logo).... in fact, I suspect if they DID have a logo, you would find your use of slipper sox suddenly spike up.... hmmmm ... wouldn't want to speculate about cause of that !!