Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jon leaves. Glen takes over.

The State House News Service reports:

Jon Kingsdale, a former insurance industry executive who worked as the first executive director of the state's Connector Authority, will step down in June and be replaced by Glen Shor, a senior member of Gov. Deval Patrick's fiscal team. The changes at the top of the authority comes four years after Kingsdale was selected to help launch the new authority, which has focused on running a subsidized insurance program called Commonwealth Care and launching a Commonwealth Choice program aimed at delivering health insurance options to families and individuals. Shor has worked for the past three years as assistant secretary for health care policy and deputy general counsel within the Executive Office of Administration and Finance.... Before joining the Connector, Kingsdale, who was appointed by former Gov. Mitt Romney, worked as senior vice president of policy development at Tufts Associated Health Plans. In a press release, Kingsdale said Massachusetts had "built the model for national reform." About half of the estimated 400,000 individuals in Massachusetts who have obtained insurance since the 2006 law passed have enrolled in plans through the Connector.

Many thanks to Jon for doing a superb job, one which he essentially had to invent from scratch. He did it all with excellent judgment and thoughtfulness and respect for the wide variety of constituent groups in the state. Congratulations, too, to Glen, who brings his own wisdom and experience to the position.

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