Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fallout from Iceland volcanic eruption

A pilot friend writes:

This is the map of the flight restrictions due to the volcanic ash. Unprecedented. Solid red=low level (surface-20000 ft), dashed red=high level (20000 ft - 35000 ft).

More from the Washington Post here.


Anonymous said...

Taken together, your "Feed me" post and this post are a fascinating reminder that we do not control our external nor internal world, no matter how egotistical our species has become. Think how terrifying it must have been for our ancestors, fleeing from one natural catastrophe after another, and understanding nothing.

So, does that mean that sushi eaters have a survival advantage?? (: (I don't eat it, so I guess I'm doomed...)


Anonymous said...

Act of nature, hah! This is just extortion.

"Forgive our bank debt and we'll give you back your airspace!"