Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A happy announcement

Ellen Feingold, who has run Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly for 28 years, is passing the reins to Amy Schectman. I can't say enough good about both people!

Amy is currently Associate Director for Public Housing & Rental Assistance for the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. In that position, she has gotten rave reviews from all parties. I'm sure they will miss her, but I bet she figured out how to ensure that her successor will continue to be successful. (Oh, did I mention that she also has a Master in City Planning from a very reputable school in Cambridge?)

Ellen is a legend in the Boston community, running and building housing and related programs at JCHE over the years. She talks of retirement, but it is hard to believe. For starts, watch her help organize an effort to defeat a referendum on this November's ballot that would kill off much of the potential to expand the state's affordable housing.

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