Thursday, April 15, 2010

Senator Murray offers her plan

For my out-of-town readers who are following this: Liz Kowalczyk and Rob Weisman report in the Boston Globe on the next stage in the Massachusetts story about insurance rates. Our Senate President, to her credit, has become the de facto policy leader on this very tough issue.


Anonymous said...

I think you should give some credit to the members of the administration, business community and advocates who have served on the Quality and Cost Council and the Payment Reform Council for showing some leadership, as well. The AG also has been out in front.

Anonymous said...

Partners would far better serve patients by improving care and reducing its self-admitted high costs rather than making a huge one-time bribe to keep its cost structure.

At least the Senate Prez is focusing on 1/3 of the issue's root cause ( 3/3 = hospitals, physicians and patients). Do her "legislative proposals to help small business" include any more than a donation?


Anonymous said...

The AG has done a marvelous job, and the report she produced is making possible much more informed discussion on this issue. But the job of that office is less policy-making and more law enforcement, supervision of public charities, and production of useful information. In our state system, policy origination more often is expected to come from the Governor and/or the Legislature.

Anonymous said...


It is a multi-faceted approach, too long to describe here. Will try to do so in the next few days.