Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Aim for muscle fitness

My friend, colleague, and neurologist Seward Rutkove has invented several new fascinating medical devices.  One of these--Aim--is designed for the general marketplace (as opposed to medical clinics.)  He and his partner have started an Indiegogo campaign through which you can support the introduction of this device, plus get one for yourself.  What does it do?

Press Aim against any major muscle to measure the fat percentage and muscle quality (MQ) for that muscle.
  • Each measurement takes less than a second and results are immediately displayed
  • By measuring four muscles (biceps, triceps, abs, and thigh), you get an accurate estimate of your total body fat percentage and MQ
  • Aim sends your results to an online dashboard via Low Energy Bluetooth
  • You can review your results on the online dashboard to track progress and get tailored fitness advice

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