Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Coaching as a leadership theme

Dr. Brian Wong has written a book called Heroes Need Not Apply.  A number of friends have recommended it to me.  I've not read it yet, but I did watch Dr. Wong's video in which he answers the question: "In your book, why does coaching become such an important leadership theme?"  I found his answers thoughtful and compelling and recommend the short video to you.  I'll look forward to reading the book some day.


Unknown said...

Once again, I am finding your posting very useful even though I am not in the medical field. Just yesterday I was conducting a training session at the company I am doing work for and was emphasizing communication and encouraging the team members to be creative and step forward with ideas. This company, like so many others, talks a big game when it comes to openness and getting feedback when in reality people nervous about stepping forward as they are usually shot down or labeled meddlers. Creating an atmosphere where the employees see themselves as coaches for each other and having team leaders who cultivate that approach will make it easier for ideas to be expressed. I am often frustrated by the hesitation people have to ask questions and offer up ideas. It stifles growth and creativity. It also makes people uneasy and overly cautious.

Paul Levy said...

Managers and leaders often fail to understand the messages they send when they act in a manner inconsistent with what they claim to be the corporate culture.