Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Another chance to vote

No, I'm not suggesting that you vote "early and often," but I am requesting you to vote on one more ballot.

My friends and colleagues Gilles Frydman and Roni Zeiger explain:

We are Smart Patients, a new online community of cancer patients and caregivers, for the era of molecular medicine. Our mission is simple; improve medicine, one story at a time.

We're here to help people get optimal care by sharing with other informed patients everything they need to know about any aspect of their disease.To do so, we have created a new platform, designed to tear down silos that have stopped people from sharing with others who know the answer to their particular question. 

This great duo is competing to get a grant from Chase Mission Main Street.  They need 250 votes to be considered for this grant, although more votes than that are even better. As I write this, they have 65, but I bet we can all get that number to go up pretty quickly.

That's where you come in. Please go to this site and vote. No muss. No fuss. Although you must first connect with you Facebook account, no one stores or shares your information. Then, just vote, and know that you have helped these great guys get one step closer to a better world.

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