Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Expanding our horizons as teachers

Bradley Flansbaum tells an amusing story about an international medical graduate he was mentoring and then concludes:

Watching an international graduate take his first step assimilating into a new professional role, American style, opened my eyes once again to the valuable guidance we provide as teachers.  I consider moments with them as prized as the interactions with my patients.  What is the difference really?  In both instances, you provide the knowledge and comfort the other side lacks.

The learning is a two way street however, and I get as much as I receive.  Over the years, I have absorbed distant perspectives on religion, the roles of gender and family in the home, and viewpoints on sickness and death.  As a result, I believe my connection with trainees from other countries has made me a better person.

A lovely, concise, and perceptive observation.

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