Monday, November 11, 2013

Southlake offers positive change

I shared a delightful day with people from Southlake Regional Health Centre, in Newmarket, Ontario.  I found a (large) community hospital that has dramatically updated its service lines over the past few years and has also made real efforts to improve quality and safety.  You could see signs of staff engagement throughout the hospital, including this visual reminder regarding daily safety huddles.

I include, for lighter review, a video with a key aspect of the automated wayfinding system the hospital has installed, clearly delineating the path to the Tim Hortons coffee shop! (It also leads people to the various clinical departments and physicians.)


Anonymous said...

I would imagine it would be more useful if it spit out a small ticket with a printed version of what it displays, so the visitor could bring it with them on their journey. What if there were 5 different twists and turns for instance?


Anonymous said...

How much did that system cost? Hospitals are spending thousands of dollars to be up to date on MAPS, when volunteers can answer questions and signs can lead the way. Stop trying to do the latest and be the most up to date on everything. Please concentrate on equipment and front line workers!

Anonymous said...

Working in a health system in Western Maryland with a very strong history and tradition, the first picture spoke to me quite immensely; "Tradition is cherished, Change is welcomed". Just got turned on to this blog and it is great stuff. Thankyou