Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Leadership Skills on WIHI

Madge Kaplan writes:

The next WIHI broadcast — New Leadership Skills for Better Health and Health Care — will take place on Thursday, November 21, from 2 to 3 PM ET, and I hope you'll tune in.
Our guests will include:
  • Gary R. Yates, MD, President, Sentara Quality Care Network; former Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Sentara Healthcare
  • Lee Sacks, MD, Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, Advocate Health Care; Chief Executive Officer, Advocate Physician Partners
  • Derek Feeley, Executive Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Andrea Kabcenell, RN, MPH, Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement
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IHI has been doing a lot of thinking of late about leaders and leadership… in particular the skills, behaviors, and outlook necessary to steer today's health care organizations toward a very different future. A new IHI white paper (working title: High-Impact Leadership) will be out before the end of the year that captures this complex transition. Among other things, it offers a new framework for leaders who are not just responsible for making change manageable, but enthusiastically supported by all staff. You can get an early look at the new leadership framework on the Nov. 21 WIHI: New Leadership Skills for Better Health and Health Care. One of the goals of this WIHI is to describe the interdependence between the growing focus on population health, the shift from volume to value, and the corresponding leadership skills required to address these challenges. 
At Advocate Health Care, Dr. Lee Sacks has been hard at work learning by doing, with the help of other physician leaders. He’ll explain in concrete terms what his team’s leadership practices look like day to day, including those needed to lead an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Sentara’s Dr. Gary Yates will spend his time on WIHI outlining key leadership behaviors that signal to staff how change is going to come about and what’s expected of everyone. If leaders want to alter the perception that they alone have all the answers, hashed out in some corner office, they must become a regular, approachable, and authentic presence throughout the organization. Discussions in the hallways talking with staff, and learning from patients and patient stories, need to become the norm.

Fresh from his leadership perch at NHS Scotland, IHI’s Derek Feeley has been thinking hard about what’s applicable and relevant to the US context and in many other countries seeking better health and health care for their citizens. He, along with Andrea Kabcenell, will discuss how leaders can better manage and prioritize all the tasks necessary to succeed. WIHI host Madge Kaplan invites you to put on your leadership cap wherever you reside in your organization, and take part in this next discussion on Nov 21. Tell us what you’re doing to lead differently, with a different future in mind, and what impact this is already having.
I hope you'll join us!  You can enroll for the broadcast here.

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