Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweet to be mentioned. Thanks!

How lovely to have this blog listed as one of the "100 Important Sites for Healthcare Leaders and Executives" on the MHAPrograms.org website. They note: "Blogs, news sites and magazines in the healthcare industry often dedicate articles to covering the latest news on health leadership, promoting upcoming leadership conferences, and sharing advice that administrators can use to improve the efficacy of their organization."

Indeed, one of my hoped-for audiences is current and future health care administrators, and I am honored to be included.


Anonymous said...

As a former hospital-based M.D. scarred from years of clashes with seemingly both brainless and heartless administrators, I would say your blog is an absolute must-read for anyone in or desiring to join that community. You are certainly different from anyone in that position I ever encountered, and there is much to learn from your focus on how to lead and understand all parts of the hospital, not just the financial side most concentrate on. The inclusion of your blog is well-deserved.

nonlocal MD

Bern Terry - VGo said...

Am not a clinician, but after 23 years working in home care, eldercare and telehealth, your blogs are refreshing, relevant, thought-provoking, and well worth sharing. Congrats on this recognition.

Paul Levy said...

Thank you both so much!