Wednesday, November 06, 2013

It's time for NHS Change Day 2014 to begin.

What happens when the third largest organization in the world decides to change? We'll see in a few months.

Today starts the countdown to NHS Change Day, set for March 3, 2014.

This is a grass roots approach to change, not something ordered from the top down.

How it works is remarkably simple and engaging.

First, you make a pledge and post it for all to see.

All you need is an idea of what you could do to make a positive difference. Then you make a pledge - a simple promise to yourself and others that you will act on that idea and become a 'changemaker'.

If a pledge inspires you, you hit "like."

The more likes you give, the more you'll inspire others.Tell other people you like it too by sharing it on your social networks.

Join someone else's pledge.

Find a pledge that inspires you and if you think you can do it too, hit Join!

This is the second year. Last year saw 189,000 pledges to make things better. This year the goal is for 500,000.The organizers summarize:

Anyone can make a pledge. We ask everyone to embrace the energy of Change Day and to PLEDGE, SHARE, DO and INSPIRE. To make the NHS the best is can be. Let's do something better and courageous together. It's time for NHS Change Day 2014 to begin.

Here's a picture of the kick-off with three of the organizers, Jeremy Tong, Helen Bevan, and Sebastian Yuen, where Helen noted, "We're doing this because it fits with our values."  Jeremy advised the assembled crowd: "Listen to what people say... they'll be able to tell you the problems... but also act on what you hear."

From this side of the pond, I say, "Bravo!"


Paul Levy said...

Many pledges involve real work, but my favorite one so far is this simple one from Joe McCrea:

"On NHS Change Day, I will take the time to smile at my fellow NHS colleagues and thank them to show I appreciate all they do."

Anonymous said...

Talk about putting lipstick on a pig.... go to Google News and type in "NHS" and look at the story results you get. Probably the worst organization on the face of the earth in terms of waste, fraud and abuse. They are the poster child for medical errors, withholding treatment and overall chaos within an organization. Why do you think there is such demand for private insurance in the UK? Because anyone with means wants to get as far away from the NHS as possible. They ought to pledge to scrap the NHS and move towards a market driven system that has accountability built in for the benefit of the patients.

Paul Levy said...

Lots of us would disagree with you. While there are problems, NHS does some things very well.

Virtually everything you attribute to them could also be said to exist in the US medical system, except they have truly universal coverage.

Sebastian Yuen said...

Dear Paul
Thank you so much for your interest in NHS Change Day 2014! This means a lot to those of us in the patient safety and quality improvement circles who follow you.

Today was really powerful. Last year was about making pledges. This year, there will be much more focus on implementation. Gamification will be used to encourage participation and social media will be used extensively. Helen Bevan has also launched on online education programme (a bit like the IHI Open School) - a School for Radicals!

The campaign builds on social movement theory and is for those within and outside the NHS. In fact it will be global, with Australia already launching.

Would you like to lead the US chapter of Healthcare Change Day? ! We would be delighted to work with you!

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Our system is purportedly 'market-driven' and it is so, all right - for the benefit of everyone in it EXCEPT the patients. And it lacks accountability to boot, but it sure doesn't lack for lobbyists.

I am no fan of government-run health care but something has to beat profit-driven health care which is what our market-responsive system has brought us.

nonlocal MD