Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The best care we can offer

Sometimes the best care we can offer consists in getting a patient home as quickly as possible, particularly in end-of-life situations. Here is a letter of appreciation, reprinted with permission, from the daughter and other relatives of an elderly patient. As noted by our chief palliative care nurse, "Everyone worked very hard to get this woman home in an extremely short time so she could die with her family around her in her own home."

We members of AB's Family want to thank you all for your amazing support and guidance. Because of your compassionate guidance, our Mom was able to die in peace at home by the fireplace with her dog and children and Grandchildren around her.

The Grandchildren picked wild flowers for her and brought her chocolate bars.

My youngest son, age 9, helped take care of her. He and his cousin gave my Mom the gift of their presence when she passed. She gave them the gift of seeing how peaceful and beautiful death can be.

We are so grateful for your help and have spoken with all our friends and family about the amazing support that you all gave us.

We held my Mom's wake in our small chapel that was built in memory of my brother, her oldest son, who died when he was 11 years old.

With the candles and fireplace going, we and hundreds of friends and extended family sat with her, reminiscing and celebrating an amazing woman.

The funeral service was simple elegant and deeply religious, just as she would have wished. No eulogy, just poems, written and read by the grandchildren.

How fortunate we all are, including my Mother, that we ended up in your care.

We will remain eternally grateful.

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ManxMamma said...

What a beautiful and touching story. We should all hope for such a peaceful, loving passing.